2022 News


Dr. Linyuan Li winned the thrid prize in Teaching Contest of Young teachers held by Beijing Forestry University. The title of his presentation is “Forest Diagnosis using Spectral Remote Sensing (光谱遥感森林健康诊断)”.


A girl, Shuo Yang, from Nanjing Forestry University joined our mini team to pursue a Master degree. At this month, Miss. Yang was awarded the third prize in the English Speech Contest held by Beijing Forestry University. Congratulations to her.


A newbie, Shiyou Yu from Huangshan College, is going to take part in my mini team to pursue a Master degree. It seems the mini-team is becoming larger and larger. David, what does the term ‘large’ mean? LOL. Mr. Yu will work on the understory structural variable retrieval from waveform LiDAR using physical models.


Organized by Prof. Guangjian Yan of RAMM group at Beijing Normal University, our students attended a large and cooperative field experiment in Saihanba National Forest Part located in Chengde, North China. Our tasks were to measure the individual tree crown-level leaf chlorophyll content, and leaf area density and to measure the understory vegetation structural variables (i.e., mean height, LAI, and fCover).


Two graduate students, Tong Tong (童彤) and Tao Luo (罗涛) awarded with master degrees after the thesis defense. Congratulations! Hope them well in the future.


One of my team members, Simei Lin (林思美), a PhD student co-supervised by Prof. Huaguo Huang and me, reported a new paper entitled “Mixed forest specific calibration of the 3-PGmix model parameters from site observations to predict post-fire forest regrowth” in Forest Ecology and Management.

Happy birthday. NiuNiu, my son. He is one year old. We invited a professional photographer to make artwork for NiuNiu.


The article entitled “Ultrahigh-resolution boreal forest canopy mapping: combining UAV imagery and photogrammetric point clouds in a deep-learning-based approach” has been accepted. This work was mainly supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Congratulations.