2024 News


I attended the 2024 Plant Phenotyping forum for young scholars held in Nanjing (南京). I was invited to make a presentation with the title “How can near-surface remote Sensing help forest phenotypic breeding” (近地面遥感如何助力林木表型育种的思考)

Together with Hao Yang (杨浩) and Jiale Jiang (江佳乐), we proposed a session about UAV quantitative remote sensing of vegetation at the 9th Earth Science Conference for Young Scholars in Xiamen (厦门). More than 15 scholars from different universities made their presentations about the recent advances in UAV remote sensing. I also made a presentation about a strategy of “virtuality-reality integrity” in UAV and satellite remote sensing classification and retrieval tasks (近地面/卫星遥感分类与反演任务中的“虚实相合”策略)

Once again. Congratulations to Miss. Simei Lin (a Ph.D. student). Our study about predicting post-fire forest recovery using the 3-PG model with bi-temporal Landsat imagery has been accepted by a top journal in forestry, i.e., Forest Ecology and Management.


Spring sports games were held on April 19 in BFU. I attended to three items, i.e., using fire extinguisher, using fire hose, and passing small balls from one to the other. I won the second prize for the item of fire extinguisher.

Congratulations to Miss. Simei Lin (a Ph.D. student). Our study about stratified burn severity assessment has been published in the top journal of the remote sensing field, i.e., Remote Sensing of Environment. We took two years to establish, revise, and improve this study.


Together with colleagues from the Chinese Academy of Forestry, we conducted a field survey for yellow leaf disease of areca palm (commonly known as betel palm (Areca catechu L.)) (槟榔黄化病)plantations in Wenchang, Hainan province, on March 19-22. The disease has been a major limiting factor threatening areca palm, called “cancer of areca palm”.

Miss Shuo Yang (杨烁) was selected as an intern (6/20) in an international organization called the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP). She will work in a branch of this organization located in Beijing for six months.

On 6th March, we launched the first team meeting in 2024. Master and PhD students designed their objectives and plans in this meeting. Two students shared two articles related to their research. I gave red packets to each student as small gifts in the new academic year.


I devoted about two months to writing research proposals for applying for funds from the NSFC and other organizations. The subjects include biodiversity monitoring (international participant), forest disturbance monitoring (participant), and airborne-based retrieval of forest understory essential variables (director).


I obtained the “Excellent Member of Haidian Branch of Jiusan Society ” due to my contributions in 2023, e.g., newspaper editing, policy proposal drafting, volunteer to memorize Xi Liang (梁希).