2020 News


  • I attended the SESS 2020 conference (第三届空间地球科学学术研讨会) held in Zhuahai (珠海) and gave a poster presentation. We met Prof. Wuming Zhang (张吴明) and Prof. Tianxing Wang (王天星) who work in Sun Yat-sen University but originally from RAMM group in BNU.


  • As a teacher, I taught my first lesson in my life. The three-hour lecture summarizes the history on UAV platforms, image processing, classical applications in vegetation scenarios. The lecture notes are open for everyone.


  • My postdoctoral project “Forest canopy cover estimation from UAV-based fusion data of imagery and photogrammetric point clouds (基于无人机影像与点云融合数据的森林冠层覆盖度估算)” is funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Amount: 80, 000 RMB (≈10k euros).


  • I joined Prof. Huaguo Huang’s (黄华国) research group in the School of Forestry in Beijing Forestry University. It’s my first job (tenure-track postdoc). I will continue to work on the UAV-based quantitative remote sensing of vegetation, including canopy variable estimation, BRDF measurement and modeling, forest disease monitoring.


  • Together the students from Beijing Normal University, I conducted a field campagin to obtain UAV RGB imagery of forest scenarios in Saihanba National Forest Park in Chengde, China. These datasets will support the development of forest canopy mapping algorithm.
  • The IEEE TGRS journal accepted our manuscript titled “An iterative-mode scan design of terrestrial laser scanning in forests for minimizing occlusion effects”. Cheers! In this article, we proposed a new scan design strategy for TLS measurement in forests to minimize the occlusion effects.


  • I was awarded a doctor degree in Beijing Normal University after a four-year training and a defense. It’s time to say goodbye to the beautiful campus where I stay around six years. I appreciate my supervisor Prof. Guangjian Yan (阎广建) and Prof. Xihan Mu (穆西晗) for their kind supervision and all guys who helped me during the fantastic period.


  • I ended the two-year study in EMMAH, INRA in Avignon in south France. As a joint PhD student, I greatly appreciated the host and the supervision of Dr. Frederic Baret. Other colleagues including Dr. Marie Weiss, Dr. Albert Olisio, Dr. Xiuliang Jin (金秀良), Dr. Shouyang Liu (刘守阳), Dr. Simon Madec and Hiphen’s friends are also appreciated. I will always miss Avignon.